Car Designer Mashes Up His Best Work In One Car For GTA V

Car Designer Mashes Up His Best Work In One Car For GTA V

Designer Frank Stephson, having previously critiqued the cars of GTA V, decided to make his own vehicle for the game using his greatest hits including the Maserati MC12 and McLaren P1

Car Designer Mashes Up His Best Work In One Car For GTA V - Gaming

We’ve covered car mash-up renderings many times before on this site, but this is the first time we’ve ever seen one from an actual car designer. Frank Stephenson, having previously critiqued the cars of Grand Theft Auto V, thought he’d have a crack at making his own. And as he’s pointed out before, the GTA V car design method usually involves combining two existing vehicles and “and pray[ing] like hell that you don’t get sued”.

Two wasn’t deemed enough, however, so Stephenson thought he’d bring together some of his most iconic designs into one car. He explains in depth in the video below which parts were used where and why, but before you watch, take a look at the screengrab above and see if you can pick them all out.

For maximum impact, the long and low Maserati MC12 was used as a base. Much of the front end comes from the Maserati too, but with front intakes lifted from the Ferrari F430. The sides feature McLaren 12C-like intakes, and the glasshouse is reminiscent of the McLaren P1’s.

Moving to the rear, there’s a fantastically outlandish double rear wing inspired by Stephenson’s original design for the Ford Escort RS Cosworth, and as if that wasn’t enough, it’s joined by the rear wing (along with the rear fascia) from the Ferrari FXX.

This isn’t a project with the official blessing of Rockstar, but who knows – with the now eight-year-old game coming to a third generation of consoles and GTA 6 seemingly a long way off, there’s plenty of time for this car to be added in an official capacity. Or more likely, unofficially – Stephenson has made the files for the car available to download, should any modders out there fancy making a version of it for the streets of Los Santos.

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