what is a car scanner / diagnostic device

OBD Car Scanners are Automobile Diagnostic Equipment used in troubleshooting cars ahead of workshop repairs.

It is used in identifying the underlying problems in Automobiles prior to repairs.

There are two basic categories of OBD-II scanners 

Code readers

OBD-II code readers are typically inexpensive, no-frills devices that can read and clear codes from any vehicle that is equipped with OBD-II. These devices have a few inherent limitations in that they typically lack any information on manufacturer-specific codes and offer limited (or no) access to other data.

Full Diagnostic Tools

OBD-II Diagnostic tools  can offer a variety of different additional features. Diagnostic tools provide more access to or information about manufacturer-specific codes, provide extensive, customizable access to live and recorded data and offer advanced troubleshooting information.

AUTOMASTER PRO CG680 PRO  is designed to monitor emission control systems and key engine components by performing either continuous or periodic test of specific components and vehicle conditions. When problem is detected, the OBD II system turns a warning Lamp (MIL) on the vehicle instrument panel to alert the driver typically by the phrase of " CHECK ENGINE" or "SERVICE ENGINE SOON".

The system will also store important information about the detected malfunction so that a technician/vehicle owner can identify and fix the problem using varieties of CAR SCANNER such as the one we have in stock.

It is capable of Troubleshooting all cars up to 2021 Model.

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