As you know, there thousands if not millions of auto mechanic workshops in Nigeria - many of the people operating these workshops do not have experience and the information required to properly diagnose cars coupled with excessive profit margin and continuous reaping off of customers.

Car ownership is one of the biggest investment you will ever had, apart from your house (if you have one) but one thing you should know is that, mechanics can take away your car if you are not careful. They have destroyed many people's car due to wrong diagnosis. In fact it has made some car owners run into financial debts.

With a Car Scanner, every car owner is safe, if you do not have the right skills and education about car scanners, you will continue to be exploited by smart mechanics.

If you don't want a breakpad repair of N2000 to cost you N50,000 it is high time you get a pocket friendly car diagnostic tool/scanner.

Without a personal car scanner, you may be at the mercy of your mechanic, you will continue to pay a lot of money for cheap auto repairs, your car can be damaged and unskilled mechanics can waste your time. With the right car diagnostic tool, you will understand what is wrong with your car and quickly learn how to fix the car problem.

AUTOBAZR will help you SAVE COST on auto repairs and ensure your car is well maintained, you will also save valuable business time on unnecessary car repairs.

With a reliable car scanner at your disposal, you stand to kick against the frequent auto mechanic workshop problems in Nigeria, among the problems are highlighted below;

Trial and Error

Because many auto mechanic technicians in the country have little or no experience in the use of diagnostic tools before car repairs, they frequently create more problems for the owner - in the attempt of fixing one problem, another problem is created thus putting car owners on a debt of expensive repairs.

In an attempt to prevent auto repair trial and error, AUTOBAZR will recommend the best car diagnostic tool for you. We professionals in auto diagnostic devices and we are ever ready to help car owners save cost and time.

Unnecessary Repair Cost

Auto mechanic technicians sometimes will be fully aware of many faults in your car, but they will only repair what you personally identified through physical observation. This is simply because, they want you to keep coming back for auto repair - they will keep draining your pocket.

You can count on us for pocket friendly car scanner that can help you reveal hidden car problems, even the ones you could not observe physically.

Wrong Personal Diagnoses

Sometimes Auto mechanic technicians would tell you your car has a gear problem, whereas you only need a gear oil. They keep telling you that you have to buy 1,2,3 spare parts.

With Our car scanners, you don't need to spend unnecessary money on car repairs, we will help you save cost and time. Our car scanners are pocket friendly and it will help you save a lot of money.

Never allow your auto technician suggest wrong diagnosis for you, equip yourself with the right tool and save yourself from unnecessary spending.

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