Driver Manages “Unprecedented” 66 Speeding Offences In 10 Months

Driver Manages “Unprecedented” 66 Speeding Offences In 10 Months

If you’ve been driving a while, it’s likely you’ve been caught speeding once or twice. One man from Southampton, however, has a much higher tally.

Cristian Mustafa somehow racked up 66 offences in just 10 months. He’s been caught an “unprecedented number of times,” Hampshire Police say. Over that period, he’s said to have been spotted going up to 56mph in a 30 zone in three cars – a VW Golf, a Skoda Octavia and a Honda Civic.

Just doing over 51mph in a 30 zone once is enough to result in a ban of seven to 56 days, so it should come as no surprise that Mustafa is losing his license for some time. Having pleaded guilty to 10 of the 66 offences at Aldershot Magistrates plus another three for driving with no insurance, he’s been banned for three years and told to pay a £240 fine plus £80 costs and £34 for a ‘victim surcharge’. He asked for the remaining infractions “to be taken into consideration,” The News reports.

Considering the minimum fine for a single speeding offence is £100, £240 doesn’t seem like much at all. Courts do now need to take income into account when deciding fines for more serious offences, however.

The reason Mustafa got away with it for so long was simply by ignoring what came through the post. This “led to a significant amount of time and effort being put into finally locating and stopping him,” PC Daniel Channer said.

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