Driver Nearly Gets A Faceful Of Barrier While Fleeing Police

Driver Nearly Gets A Faceful Of Barrier While Fleeing Police

This Mazda driver in Poland was very nearly impaled by a level crossing barrier while evading the police

It should go without saying that blasting through a railway crossing while the barriers are down is an extraordinarily dangerous thing to do. But for one driver doing exactly that, it wasn’t a speeding train that nearly resulted in an untimely end.

The footage you see here shows an incident in Wola Radziszowska, Poland which happened on 27 January. The authorities released the footage a few days ago to highlight the dangers of irresponsible driving at level crossings.

In the video, we see a Mazda 323 driver fleeing the police having failed to stop earlier on. He arrives with the barriers already down, hitting the first set at just the right angle for one of them to smash through the windscreen, appearing to come to a rest mere centimetres from his face.

Driver Nearly Gets A Barrier To The Face While Fleeing Police - News

The police – sensibly – chose to stop rather than follow the Mazda, and sure enough, a train comes rumbling by moments later. While the man’s evasion tactics worked initially, though, the risk of death by barrier was for nought.

He was later arrested and charged with myriad charges including failing to stop, property damage and wreckless driving.

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