Edd China Is Launching A New YouTube Show

Edd China Is Launching A New YouTube Show

The former Wheeler Dealers mechanic is launching ‘Edd China’s Workshop Diaries’ on 2 April

It’s over three years since Edd China’s high-profile departure from Wheeler Dealers, the show he and Mike Brewer built into a huge international success. Since then he’s made plenty of appearances in other people’s content – including CT’s YouTube channel – made a pilot episode of ‘Edd China’s Garage Revival’, and has been uploading sporadically on his own channel.

What we haven’t seen is regular episodic content from Edd, but that’s set to change. “Do you think it’s time I was back on your screens? Yes, I think it probably is too,” China concluded in a short teaser video posted on his YouTube channel. His return is via a new YouTube series called Edd China’s Workshop Diaries, a trailer for which can be seen below.

Edd left Wheeler Dealers in 2018 and was replaced by Ant Anstead

It’ll feature Edd and a small team of mechanics working on cars both old and new, with a lot of the man’s recent work in the realm of electrification featuring. He’s pledged to help out members of the public whose project cars have stalled and will be chatting to all sorts of automotive figures. And yes, as you will have gathered from the trailer, that might just involve a few familiar faces from Car Throttle.

The show will be filmed at Edd’s workshop in Buckinghamshire and uploaded to his channel weekly. The first episode will arrive on Friday 2 April.

Edd China Is Launching A New YouTube Show - News

Speaking about the new show, Edd said:

“I’m really excited to finally be able to bring this project to our fans as it is something they repeatedly have been asking for. Workshop Diaries will let viewers really get stuck into the project and the detail of the fixes, and also provide a platform for instant feedback and interaction. It’s an exciting prospect and it’s great to finally get going!”

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