Here Are All The Gran Turismo 7 Features That Were Just Confirmed

Here Are All The Gran Turismo 7 Features That Were Just Confirmed

GT7’s ‘State of Play Deep Dive’ went live today, revealing numerous key features about the game

With Gran Turismo 7’s 4 March 2022 release date closing in, PlayStation’s YouTube channel has dropped a 32-minute ‘State of Play Deep Dive’ video revealing all sorts about the game. There’s a lot to unpack, so let’s get going.

First off, big numbers! Splashed across the screen we have big, white numbers telling us to expect over 400 cars and 34 tracks venues with 94 layouts to choose from in total. From there, we’re shown the World Map menu, described as a “vacation resort that celebrates car culture”.

Here Are All The Gran Turismo 7 Features That Were Just Confirmed - Gaming

One of the locations you can access from here is the new Gran Turismo Cafe. At the Cafe, players will be presented with car collection “menus” which are completed by participating in races. As you tick cars off the list, you’ll occasionally get the designers popping up (for instance Tom Matano, the man behind the NA Mazda MX-5) to talk about their work on the vehicle in question. “By completing menus, players will naturally come into contact with the history of cars and the culture behind them,” we’re told. For anyone wanting to learn more, there is also a ‘Museum’ accessible from the world map.

Brand Central is where you’ll find cars from 2001 onwards, covering 50 separate brands. Should you want something older and/or cheaper, there will be a used garage with stock that changes daily.

Here Are All The Gran Turismo 7 Features That Were Just Confirmed - Gaming

When it comes to tuning your purchase, there’s an almost bewildering amount of choice with 60 types of parts for each car in the came. There are 650 aero parts alone (you can even pick between different wing endplate designs and multiple diffuser types), 130 wheels and 1200 colours. You can also attach more stickers than before, and apply them in places you weren’t previously able to.

Roll cages and widebody kits are also on the menu, and according to GT Planet, you will be able to import liveries from Gran Turismo Sport. Praise be!

A lot of work has been put into the weather system, to the point where the clouds will look different depending on where you’re racing, with the simulations taking into account local temperatures, humidity and air pressures. When the heavens open, water will pool in certain areas of the track, and just as is the case in real life, a drying line will appear on the track as conditions improve. At larger venues like the Nurburgring Nordschleife, conditions may vary greatly depending on where you are on the circuit.

Here Are All The Gran Turismo 7 Features That Were Just Confirmed - Gaming

Beyond bog-standard races, there are other activities to keep you occupied. License Tests are present and correct, and no doubt fiendishly difficult. There are also various ‘Mission Races’ to mix things up, which will include things like drag races and drift competitions. A new and thoroughly quirky feature is Music Rally, which will see users driving to checkpoints to keep a song playing until the end.

Should you want to play with others, there are three main options. There’s a good old-fashioned split-screen option, a lobby to meet up with players online in casual races, and the Sport mode for more serious competition.

Here Are All The Gran Turismo 7 Features That Were Just Confirmed - Gaming

GT7 will make full use of the PlayStation 5’s ‘DualSense’ controller, with particular attention drawn in the State of Play video to haptic feedback in the triggers. This, it’s said, will give gamers a sense of how much grip they have at the front end of the car, providing a more immersive experience. Helping further envelope you in GT7’s world, the game features 3D audio. On the subject of noise, engine sounds, never a Gran Turismo strong suit, still don’t quite seem to be up to the standard of some rival titles.

In terms of the visuals, GT7 features ray tracing for near photo-realism, although you only see this in replays (including the ‘Music Replay’ that automatically shifts camera angles according to the beat of your chosen track) and the Photo Mode. The gameplay still looks plenty pretty in all its 60 FPS glory, however, even on a compressed YouTube video through a laptop screen.

Though the game was delayed substantially, it’s looking like Gran Turismo 7 will be worth the wait.

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