how to use a laser measuring tape

Laser Measuring Tape is as simple as operating a phone, for example...if you want to measure a simple distance, the user must place the instrument at one end of the line that is to be measured and aim the laser beam/light (usually a red light) at a solid target such as a wall or cabinet or any object.If a solid object is not available then a plastic target can be placed at the required destination to allow the laser beam to be reflected.

Please note, many laser measuring tapes usually work indoor ... simply because you need to see the laser light end point in order to establish the actual distance.

Next, the Measure "Button" is pressed and the distance is measured and displayed on the laser measure's screen.If a simple distance was all that was required then the job is already done but a whole range of options still exist for the user.

You can use a Laser Distance Meter to additional measuring task like;

Area Measurements

Volume Measurements

Pythagoras Measurements

Perimeter Measurements.

The above are some of the powerful features of Laser Measuring Tape, you cannot use a traditional tape to execute these tasks.

Laser Measuring Tape makes project measuring faster and precise. It gives more accuracy and give professional users a greater edge over those who still use traditional tapes in project measurements.

Depending on the type of Laser Measuring Tape at your disposal....each model is different so it is always advisable to spend some time with the user manual before attempting some of the more advanced tasks.

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