Man Leaves Beached BMW In Reverse Then Locks Himself Out

Man Leaves Beached BMW In Reverse Then Locks Himself Out

Getting your car stuck somewhere is no fun at all, but one may in the US managed to make the situation a whole lot worse. We’re having to make some assumptions given that we only have a 24-second video to work on, but it’s reasonably clear what happened here.

The driver of a BMW 320i seems to have driven into deep sand on an East Hampton, New York beach. Sure, it has ‘xDrive’ all-wheel drive, but there’s only so much a system like this can do with road tyres, low ground clearance and a big sandpit. Having tried and failed to back out, the man must have left the car but forgotten to put it back in park, with the BMW subsequently locking itself.

We join this unfortunate situation a little later, with our protagonist helplessly staring at his 3-series spinning its wheels in the sand while on the phone, presumably calling someone for aid. At this point, we’re not sure what could be done other than breaking a window or waiting for a locksmith. Note that he’s using a smartwatch for the call, probably because his phone is locked in the car.

We’ve no idea what the conclusion was to this guy’s shockingly bad day, but hopefully after filming some of it, the chap responsible for the footage offered some assistance.

In any case, this could have been even worse had the car got some traction and shot backwards sans driver. Every cloud.

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