CG301 CAN OBDII /EOBD Code Reader

The CG300 OBD II/EOBD Scanner supports all 10 modes of the OBD II test for a complete diagnosis. Featuring the unique patented One-Click I/M Readiness Key, TFT color display, built-in speaker, the versatile, easy-to-use CG300 will streamline automotive service and help ensure rapid, accurate diagnosis and timely repair.



  • Accurately read error codes for most Worldwide cars, SUVs, light trucks, and 12V diesel equipped with OBD II/EOBD/JOBD &  CAN protocol.
  • Supports multiple code requests: Generic, manufacturer-specific and pending codes.
  • Reads, records, graphs & playbacks (data logging) live sensor data.
  • Reads live O2 sensor/on-board monitor test data. (Full OBD modes including Mode 6 and Mode 8)
  • Reads freeze frame data which shows engine conditions such as fuel trim, fuel pressure, engine coolant temp, etc.
  • Clears codes, turns off Check Engine Light (CEL), and resets monitors.
  • Records PIDs for later use to help you diagnose intermittent driving performance problems which cannot be determined by any other methods.
  • Automatic VIN acquisition and decoding make it much easier to read manufacturer-specific codes and enhanced mode 6 data.
  • I/M readiness hotkeys make it easy to get access to emission readiness status and trouble code with just a single click.
  • Red-Yellow-Green LEDs and build-in speaker fast indicate the readiness status for a smog check.
  • Supports multilingual menu options and DTC definition.
  • Built-in DTC lookup libraries help you fast search the definitions of trouble code.
  • Supports print out the diagnostic data and send the data to your mechanic for help.
  • No battery is required, it is charged directly from the 16 pin DLC in your vehicle, it can be used directly.
  • No need for registration, it can be updated directly by USB cable.
  • 12 months warranty and lifetime free update.

Supported Protocols

J1859-41.6, J1850-10.4, ISO9141, KWP2000  (ISO 14230), and CAN (Control Area Network ISO11898)



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