Foxwell NT680 Lite Four-System Scanner with Special Functions

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Foxwell NT680Lite Tests A Vast Range of Vehicles.

  • Works on the latest 2018/2019 models including cars, SUVs, minivans, light-duty trucks sold worldwide.
  • Provides easy diagnosis on more than 60 American, Asian and European vehicle makes.
  • Supports Oil Service Reset functions on 49 makes.
  • Supports Electronic Park Brake(EPB) features on 42 makes.

Foxwell NT680Lite Can Find Troubles More Accurately.

  • Reads and clears codes and turns off MILs of engine, transmission, ABS and airbags
  • Shows live vehicle sensors data in text and graph formats
  • Merges interactive live sensor graphs for easy and intuitive diagnosis
  • Records and playbacks your data-logs to catch intermittent failures

Foxwell NT680Lite is Easy to Use.

  • Identifies cars quickly and easily with one-key VIN reading.
  • Extremely easy to use with clearly arranged keypad, menu-driven operation and shortcuts.

Foxwell NT680Lite Language.

  • English, French, German, Polish, Russian, Spanish and much more

Foxwell NT680Lite Updates

  • Lifetime free update lets you always have the latest bug fixes, new vehicles, newly added parameters and functionalities at your fingertips
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Foxwell NT680 Lite is delicately designed for pros and enthusiasts to pinpoint engine, transmission, ABS and airbag faults on major American, Asian and European makes.

It offers technicians accurate, stable and easy diagnosis.

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