Production Nissan ‘400Z’ Caught On Camera, Only Slightly Different To Proto Z Concept

Production Nissan ‘400Z’ Caught On Camera, Only Slightly Different To Proto Z Concept

Nissan’s 370Z replacement has been filmed and snapped during shipping, showing a car that looks identical to last year’s Z Proto

A few weeks back, a set of Nissan ‘400Z’ patent images revealed that the car will look damn near identical to last year’s Z Proto concept. Sure enough, the car seems to have been both filmed and photographed during shipping, and you’ll struggle to spot the differences.

They are there, though. As first seen on the patent images, there are now regulation-friendly reflectors between the rear bumper and the rear three-quarter panel, plus some slightly more prominent door handles. There are a few deviations we weren’t able to see in those pictures, however.

The neat Fairlady Z badge on the boot lid is gone, and while we’re looking back there, we can see a fixed spoiler that wasn’t on the concept. It’s hard to definitively tell from the video and the rear image, but it also looks like the lower part of the rear diffuser is made from gloss black plastic, rather than naked carbon fibre. Perhaps there’ll be a carbon option pack to add that in.

On the inside, it all looks very similar, save for two very significant changes – an automatic gear selector and steering wheel-mounted shifter paddles. Don’t panic, though, as the six-speed manual used on the concept will almost certainly be available in the configurator.

Sending power to the rear wheels via that transmission will be, we’re almost certain, the VR30DDTT used by the Infiniti Q50 (branded a ‘Nissan Skyline’ for the JDM) and Q60. That should mean a power output of around 400bhp, but interestingly, the Proto Z is listed as having 439bhp (and a weight figure of 1475kg) in Project Cars 3. Make of that what you will.

Such an output would be plenty to ensure the sports car gives the Toyota GR Supra something to worry about. But not in the European market, as sadly, Nissan won’t be bringing it here due to tough market conditions and strict emissions rules. Sob.

Featured image via Instagram/@nissanarabia

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