Reminder: It’s Extremely Dangerous To Drive With A Load Of Snow Still On Your Car

Reminder: It’s Extremely Dangerous To Drive With A Load Of Snow Still On Your Car

Picture the scene: you’ve come out to your car one winter’s morning, and find it covered in snow. Perhaps you clear the windscreen and windows first, and then, we hope, the rest of the car. Sadly, some aren’t quite so thorough and stop after the first step since they’ll be able to see where they’re going.

The trouble is, this is very dangerous. For one thing, it can cause visibility issues for anyone behind you as all that stuff makes a bid for freedom when the speed rises. Plus, snow, it should be noted, doesn’t always stay soft. On one car crossing the Patroon Island Bridge in Albany, New York last Friday, snow on its roof had frozen into a solid chunk of ice.

As captured by the dashcam of a car one lane over travelling at 47mph, this block of ice flew into the air, smashing into the windscreen of the camera car. Despite a showering of broken glass in the cabin, WGNA reports that no occupants were injured. It’s said the driver of the struck vehicle was able to slow down and pull over, no mean feat considering the snow build-up at the side of the road.

As for the driver of the other car, they carried on regardless. We’re hoping they were simply oblivious to what had occurred behind them, rather than intentionally fleeing the scene.

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Given the speeds involved here, this could have easily been a lot worse. Hopefully, this video is shared far and wide as a reminder for people to clear their damn cars properly when it snows.

Source: WGNA via Jalopnik

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