Please don't let untrained / incompetent automobile technicians destroy your car and waste your money, an auto-technician without a working knowledge of Car Scanner will be full of trial and error, he will never tell you the exact problem of your car. He will continue to reap you off your hard earned money.

God don catch the Auto-Technician who refuses to use a Car Scanner!!! technology will keep him auto redundant.

Car Scanner is now accessible to Car Owners, Car Dealers and Automobile Workshops to  check every faulty component in automobiles, and also help solve some basic car problems such as Check Engine Light, ABS Light etc.

Here is a simple “POWERFUL CAR SCANNER (MS309)” that will save you from wasting money at automobile workshops, help you know the exact problem of your car, pre-informed you about the future problems that might happen to your car.

Never let a quack tell you the problem of your car again, he may add fire to petrol! And make things go out of control. There are many things a “SMART CAR SCANNER” can do for your car, but I will explain few of them here;

This is a do it yourself device that helps you understand the problem of your car without spending a dime and wasting your time at automobile workshops.

POWERFUL CAR SCANNER (MS309) helps you check the state of your car from time to time, the condition of every component of your car without calling a roadside mechanic – DIY | easy to operate.

If your car has a complex problem, POWERFUL CAR SCANNER can help a competent auto technician with the necessary diagnostic procedures to follow in order to get the problem resolved.

You can also use it to diagnose your car prior to long trip – this will help you foresee likely problems that might affect your car during the course of the journey.

You can use SMART CAR SCANNER to REMOVE “Check Engine Light” “ABS Light” etc.

This technology has saved people lots of money, time and resources, etc. – it is worthwhile to buy a car scanner because it is not every car’s problem you can see physically or feel.


Always take a car scanner along with you whenever you want to go and buy a Nigerian used/Tokunbo car.

Don’t Wait Until It’s too Late! Do the needful and prevent yourself from spending huge amount of money.

We are giving over  40% DISCOUNT + FREE DELIVERY + PAYMENT ON DELIVERY for our MS309 SMART CAR SCANNERS – limited time offer!

PRICE; N49,999 | N28,500

And If you order this Car Scanner Today we will give you  free "CAR DENT PULLERS - 1 Big Size + 1 Small Size " as a Bonus.  See product below;


Toyota Corolla 2011 Owner

I am so pleased with this product. It really saves me time and effort. Smart Car Scanner is exactly what my car has been lacking. Needless to say I am extremely satisfied with how it troubleshoots my car. Man, I saved a lot of money on my car. No more trial and error at repair workshops. Also thank you for the awesome gift! "

Prince Muideen Adesina | Ibadan, Nigeria


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