The Alfa Romeo Of The Future Won’t Be “An iPad With A Car Around It”

The Alfa Romeo Of The Future Won’t Be “An iPad With A Car Around It”

Alfa Romeo CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato has said the brand’s future cars will contain “as few screens as possible”

The Alfa Romeo Of The Future Won't Be

Climbing onboard a new Alfa Romeo is like stepping back in time a few years. And we mean that in the best way possible. You get analogue (and very lovely) dials rather than a digital instrument cluster, an abundance of proper buttons, and – gasps – physical climate controls.

With the company’s longitudinal, rear-wheel drive Giorgio platform for the chop and plans afoot to make the brand fully electric by 2027, you might wonder how long this ‘old-fashioned’ cabin approach might last. But thankfully, it’s set to continue long after Alfa ditches internal combustion engines from its cars.

The Alfa Romeo Of The Future Won't Be

Even after the engines are gone, Alfa Romeo CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato insists the cars must remain “driver-centred,” French publication Caradisiac reports. Part of that will involve shirking the kind of screen-festooning we’ve already seen from some rival’s early EV efforts, like the Mercedes EQS and its giant ‘Hyperscreen’.

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“[For] Alfa Romeo, I have a very particular positioning,” he said (translated from French), adding, “The driver in the centre, as few screens as possible in the car…I don’t sell an iPad with a car around it, I sell an Alfa Romeo.”

The Alfa Romeo Of The Future Won't Be

This provides some consolation for the incoming loss of the fantastically shouty 2.9-litre V6s Alfa Romeo currently uses in its Quadrifoglio models. The brand’s electric revolution will happen very rapidly, with its first fully electric models not arriving until 2024.

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The cars will use a platform shared across multiple Stellantis brands, so it’s good news that Imparato is already considering how Alfa-badged cars will retain a distinct identity. Plus, given the surprising amount of differences we discovered recently between the Audi E-Tron GT and Porsche Taycan, it’s clear you can make two EVs with the same platform and drivetrain without each having too much of a homogenised feel.

How do you think Alfa’s electric future will pan out?

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