The Lancia Delta Is Coming Back As An Electric Vehicle

The Lancia Delta Is Coming Back As An Electric Vehicle

Lancia’s CEO has pledged to revive the famed Delta name for a brand new EV which will likely share a platform with an Alfa Romeo

Image via RM Sotheby's

Image via RM Sotheby’s

Delta. It’s one of Lancia‘s most famed model names thanks to World Rally Championship glory and the blisteringly quick Integrale models, but it hasn’t always been treated with a whole lot of respect. Its most recent incarnation, don’t forget, was little more than a questionably restyled Fiat Bravo. Now, though, the Italian brand is looking to bring the badge back and, we hope, do it some justice.

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The new car won’t involve internal combustion, however, with Lancia plotting to shift to fully electric products only by 2026. “Everyone wants Delta and it can’t be missing from our plans, Lancia CEO Luca Napolitano told Corriere Della Sera (translated via Google), adding, “It will return and it will be a true Delta: an exciting car, a manifesto of progress and technology. And obviously, it will be electric.”

The name 'Delta' might make you think of this...

The name ‘Delta’ might make you think of this…

This won’t be happening any time soon. The first order of business will be replacing the ancient Ypsilon supermini, which remains extremely popular in its native Italian despite its advancing years. Napolitano says the new version will be “only be the first step in an accelerated path towards a radical change, to restore credibility to the brand in the premium market”. The car is mooted for a 2024 launch, so we probably won’t be seeing the Delta until 2025 or even 2026.

The new Delta is likely to share its EV-specific platform with other Stellantis brands including Alfa Romeo, which is plotting its own electric revolution. Lancia’s sister brand will be going EV a year later in 2027.

...but don't forget, its most recent iteration was a little less appealing.

…but don’t forget, its most recent iteration was a little less appealing.

We’re not expecting Lancia’s reborn Delta to recapture the awesomeness of the old Integrale – that was a long time ago, and the WRC golden years now a distant memory. But still, a new, all-electric version could be very interesting indeed. We’re looking forward to seeing what Lancia comes up with.

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