The ‘Workhorse’ Ineos Grenadier Will Start At Nearly £50,000

The ‘Workhorse’ Ineos Grenadier Will Start At Nearly £50,000

Ineos Automotive has revealed its sales and service plans for its Land Rover-Defender-like Grenadier, and given some indication of a starting price

The 'Workhorse' Ineos Grenadier Will Start At Nearly £50,000 - News

The Ineos Grenadier, we’ve long been told, is supposed to pick up where the old Land Rover Defender left off. It’s intended to fill “a gap in the market for a stripped back, utilitarian, hard-working 4×4 engineered for modern-day compliance and reliability”. And sure enough, what Ineos has come up with looks awfully similar to the car it’s intended to spiritually succeed and is a world away from the very fancy vehicle that wears the Defender name these days.

You might think, then, that the Grenadier – often described by Ineos as a “workhorse” – will be reasonably affordable. But no – the starting price is getting on for £50,000.

The Grenadier has long been described as a 'workshorse', but don't go thinking that means it'll be cheap

The Grenadier has long been described as a ‘workshorse’, but don’t go thinking that means it’ll be cheap

This week, Ineos has outlined its sales and service plans for the Grenadier (we’ll get to that shortly) and indicated how much it’ll cost. You’re looking at a starting price of “approx” £48,000, which will be for the two-seater commercial version, our colleagues at Auto Express report. For a five-seater commercial and passenger versions, it’ll be somewhere between £4,000 and £6,000 extra.

A Land Rover Defender 90 Commercial meanwhile is £44,210 including VAT, and the 110 is £52,460. Perhaps a better comparison is with a basic pick-up truck – the kind of vehicle farmers and the like have turned to following the demise of the original Defender. You can buy something like a basic Ford Ranger or Toyota Hilux for about £20k less. The Grenadier will be fairly well-specced as standard, however, and it’s not expected to be burdened with a huge list of expensive options.

The 'Workhorse' Ineos Grenadier Will Start At Nearly £50,000 - News

By the time the vehicle launches in July 2022, Ineos plans to have 200 global sales and service points thanks to a partnership with Bosch. There will be 23 Ineos retail sites in the UK, with agreements already signed with three existing outlets dotted across the UK.

Bosch is just one of a few automotive juggernauts Ineos is working with to make the Grenadier happen. Much of the car’s development has been taken care of by Magna Steyr, the Austrian company responsible for the G-Class and the manufacture of the BMW Z4/Toyota Supra. Speaking of BMW, the German firm will be providing inline-six petrol and diesel engines to power the Grenadier.

The 'Workhorse' Ineos Grenadier Will Start At Nearly £50,000 - News

Although company founder and Ineos Group CEO Jim Ratcliffe previously said the Grenadier would be built in the UK, it’ll instead be put together in Daimler’s ‘Smartville’ plant in Hambach, France. Ineos has acquired the facility to produce the Grenadier alongside the Smart EQ ForTwo, manufacture of which will continue under a new contract with Mercedes.

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