Watch And Try Not To Weep As Three Ferraris Crash Into Each Other

Watch And Try Not To Weep As Three Ferraris Crash Into Each Other

Two 488s and a 458 Italia were involved in a very expensive crash during a Philadelphia charity cruise

3 Ferrari Crash in Philadelphia going to CF Charities Car event (2 488, 1 488 Pista)

— Esteban (@SaintLamont_) June 6, 2021

The CF Charities Super Car Show in Philadelphia last Sunday took a crashy turn. The event was billed by organisers as having a “police escorted ride” travelling “through Philly for a 5-mile tour,” and it appears to have been during this part that things went rather wrong.

Apparently filmed from a McLaren 600LT, we see part of a high-speed drive on the Vine Street Expressway via some potato-spec footage. The driver of a black Ferrari 488 isn’t hanging about, and is caught out by slower moving traffic up ahead.

The attempted evasive manoeuvre doesn’t go well, with the car hitting a 488 Pista, a 458 and the vehicle of someone not involved in the event. All came to a mangled rest in a tunnel.

Image via YouTube/screengrab

Image via YouTube/screengrab

The aftermath photo shows some sorry-looking cars, indicating that this is going to involve an insurance claim running into many hundreds of thousands of dollars. What’s particularly interesting is that the road was allegedly supposed to have been closed to normal traffic.

In a video posted on YouTube by cerrutiauto, we see a longer clip depicting supercars joining the Expressway with all traffic before the on-ramp held by police. Unfortunately, it seems event cars were let onto the road before remaining public traffic had cleared out, which may have been the cause of the hold-up. Fully closed road or not, though, the black 488 definitely could have done with easing up on the throttle.

Just to compound this disastrous day, a Subaru was also involved in an accident while reportedly taking part in the event (update: we now have reason to believe this wasn’t on the official route). At the very least, we haven’t heard of any serious injuries from the two accidents.

We’ve contacted both the Philadelphia Police Department’s press enquiries team and CF Charities to see if we can clarify the exact circumstances of the Ferrari crash and the Vine St Expressway closure.

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