WHAT IS a laser measuring tape

Laser Measuring Tape or Laser tape , may sometimes be referred to as laser distance measures or laser distance meters, is modern alternative to the traditional tape measure. It is digital in nature and does the work of project measuring faster.

Measurements are taken by sending out red laser light to a defined target - usually a non transparent surface and then measuring the distance between the Target and where the user of the device is standing or simply put, it establishes the distance between the measuring point and the end Target.

Laser measuring tape is extremely accurate and precise in field or project measurement. It is the modern tool for people who do building and site related measurements.

Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Builders, Estate Surveyors, Interior Designers, Town Planners, Engineers, Home Inspectors, Space Managers etc have find Laser measuring tape useful for their every day projects.

This measuring technology is gaining wider adoption simply because of its huge benefit to the user as complex, time-consuming calculations can be made quickly, easily and with high degrees of accuracy.

Laser Measuring Tape makes project measuring faster and precise. It gives more accuracy and give professional users a greater edge over those who still use traditional tapes in project measurements.

Depending on the type of Laser Measuring Tape at your disposal....each model is different so it is always advisable to spend some time with the user manual before attempting some of the more advanced tasks.

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